Is Twitter Tailored Audiences Conscientious Retargeting?


Read this to change the way you think about retargeting, i.e. following your visitors around the web with ads.


Then read this about the exciting new content promotion opportunities Twitter has opened up with the launch of Tailored Audiences.


This stuff is applicable and exciting, especially when paired with our recent push to get to know our customers at HireAHelper. The few retargeting attempts we’ve made so far have been simple tests, advertising to anyone who abandons a certain point in our checkout process. It’s one step better than following every visitor that bounces off our site, but still not as creative or conscientious as I’d like our marketing to be. Like Avinash says in the first post I mentioned, “A single visit to your site does not signal an intention to buy.”

One other thought: we have Facebook retargeting running via PerfectAudience and traditional display retargeting running through AdRoll. Our recent numbers show a much higher ROI from the Facebook retargeting efforts.

Depending on how you value view through conversions, Facebook retargeting is earning us 126% ROI vs. standard display retargeting barely breaking even. It’ll be interesting as we put more time into each campaign to see if the standard retargeting with Adroll starts bringing in a better return. Otherwise, we might just start cyphoning some of the Adroll budget towards our PerfectAudience campaigns.


How do you feel about retargeting? What works? What doesn’t? What are some creative ways you’ve segmented retargeting audiences?


Foursquare is Down – It’s an Epidemic

It all began when Twitter started showing the whale 50% of the time I’d hit their site, then Facebook goes down for several hours. Now Foursquare says they’re “upgrading our servers”. Good thing I have a life outside the web… somewhere around here… now where did I put that?

Foursquare Goes Down... err I mean they're upgrading servers...

My recommendation on what to do now that Foursquare is down – try Gowalla or even Google’s check-in app, SCVNGR – that way you check-in addicts can still tell the uncaring world where you are, AND as an added bonus you’ll probably end up enjoying these apps a billion times more than Foursquare. (In my opinion Foursquare is popular because Foursquare is popular – not because they’re the best check-in app)

Twitter Grows, I Blow My Nose

I picked up a cold that seems to be going around. It involves the lovely hacking cough, head ache, sore throat, sneezing and nose blowing that we all vehemently strive to stay away from throughout the winter months. It feels like I’m moving through it faster than some of my friends and co-workers, though – Hallelujah!

I was thinking about it, and if I did need to call in sick to work for a day or two, I’m not sure how restful that would be considering how connected we all are all the time. With the advent of Google Buzz, and the incredible growth of Twitter, more and more people are spending more Continue reading “Twitter Grows, I Blow My Nose”