It’s Snowing at WordPress?

I knew I had stayed in the office too late on a Friday night when I started seeing white dots drift slowly across my screen. As I watched I quickly realized that it wasn’t a symptom of failing vision, but rather a Christmas gift to the dashboard of So I just sat and stared for a minute, pretending to be somewhere with real snow. After a while I snapped out of it and grabbed this screenshot to try and share the joyful holiday experience with everyone… Continue reading “It’s Snowing at WordPress?”

Finally Google Chrome Will be Fast AND Functional

I’ve been cheating on Google Chrome for a while now… But only because I have to. Whenever I’m doing just about any work online I always have Chrome open for my major browsing and Firefox open for any toolbars, bookmarking, SEO analysis, Delicious Browsing, etc.

Picture of Chrome Logo

But according to sources close to the situation, in the middle of next week we might see some much needed extensions released for the gloriously fast Chrome.

I’ve loved using Chrome up to this point for the simple fact that I can click it’s icon and my homepage opens as fast as the browser does. No load time. I love the blazing speed. Continue reading “Finally Google Chrome Will be Fast AND Functional”