Twitter Followers and Following Count Showing 0 Zero Because of a Bug

twitter birds

When I noticed my twitter account has 0 (zero) followers, I didn’t worry quite as quickly as most people would. But that’s because I’ve only ever had a handful of followers anyways. But then I noticed that the number of people I was following had dropped to zero also! Checking around I found that everyone’s counts were set at 0 zero. Very weird. After some searching I found that, according to an article just posted from USA today, twitter reset the counts to zero on purpose until they get a fix installed for a bug some hacker was abusing. The bug allowed the hacker to “force” people to follow them. What happens if the next twitter bug someone finds allows some scum bag to hack into our personal info? Scary. Or even to post tweets as other people? The more our world becomes web-based, the more we depend on others to not fail at protecting us.