Apple’s 3 Muskateers Soon to be 2?

What’s the difference between 626%, 130%, and 7%?  For Apple, it means the traditional iPod line isn’t quite measuring up. MG Siegler writes on TechCrunch that he believes “the iPod, as we know it, is dying.” In my opinion, even though sales growth hasn’t increased by as much, iPods are still selling.  Maybe, instead of planning their end, Apple should find a way to make it their “economy car” model. Putting a cool gadget within reach of millions around the world who would love to own a fancy Apple product but can’t afford something running several hundred dollars. Even with Apple’s huge focus on $$$, this would still nab a chunk of the gadget market.

And it would keep iTunes sales running.  Most of the people I know with iPhones use apps like Pandora to run music.  Few hold their entire music database on it. iPods still seem to dominate that arena, maybe because of their simplicity.  Companies always assume (sometimes wrongly) that consumers want products with more gizmos and tricks. But what about the menu at In-N-Out?  Or Toms Shoes? Or Google’s landing page? Or the original iPod – with one track wheel to control everything. Simplicity can be attractive to consumers. Maybe TechCrunch is right… when aren’t they? But maybe Apple will get creative… when aren’t they?

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