Steve Ballmer: A Man of Great Vision…?

I was browsing today when I realized – it’s funny to watch people scramble.

Especially when they are important, rich, well-known people like Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO.  Why is Mr. Ballmer scrambling? Because he doesn’t quite know what to make of Google’s recent announcement to launch it’s own operating system – Google Chrome OS, preliminarily focused on netbooks. As pointed out several times in the TechCrunch blog post – How We Know Chrome OS Will Be A Hit: Steve Ballmer Doesn’t Think So – Steve hasn’t been the most accurate in his vision for the future. He’s known for unsuccesfully predicting the demise of such currently popular items as the iPhone and Facebook.

According to TechFlash Steve’s response to the Chrome OS announcement was:

“The last time I checked you don’t need two client operating systems. We tried it before. Windows 95 and Windows NT. It’s good to have one. So I can’t — I don’t really know what’s up at Google.”

The TechCrunch article points out humorously that Microsoft also has 2 browsers – Windows Mobile and Windows for Computers.

Well Steve, hopefully Windows 7 is ready to take on Microsoft’s first suitable OS contender. I doubt it, but we can always hope. At least there’s always Bing.

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