Bing [Almost Fails] Serving Results to Yahoo

So the Bing Yahoo search extravaganza has begun. Bing now provides all the search results for Yahoo’s searchers – both paid and organic. The funny thing is I haven’t tried it out yet. I mean, there’s not much to try out – Bing’s results have always been there. But regardless, I needed to see it with my own eyes. So I went to and put in a search (after being distracted by an article on the World’s Fastest runner, Usain Bolt and his dreams of playing soccer) for the term ‘movers’ and got this:

First Impression Fail by Bing Yahoo PartnershipI went back to the homepage 2 more times, trying the same search query with the same result. And thusly was inspired to blog about it (did I just use the word thusly?)

As I’m waiting for wordpress to load I decide to try one more search with a new term, and viola it works. Kind of a let down – would’ve been more interesting to write about the massive bug fix that they’d need to go through to get things working. But I guess it’s good that Google’s only real competition didn’t fall flat on their face in their first week. And I appreciate that the “Powered by Bing” propaganda wasn’t plastered everywhere – just subtly hidden at the bottom of the page:

Succinct "Powered by Bing"

Now back to my article on the World’s Fastest soccer player…

One thought on “Bing [Almost Fails] Serving Results to Yahoo

  1. I couldn’t belive that I saw “Powered by Bing” too. I heard that they might possibly merge.
    If you optimize for Bing, you can get great results for Google and Yahoo.

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