Sending Automated Requests? Thanks Google Instant Search

So if every time I type a letter into the Google search box it brings up a search. And each additional letter brings up a new search… what’s telling Google the difference between my normal search behavior and automated search result requests coming from a program or computer?

Apparently nothing…

Screenshot of Google Automated RequestAs I’m doing a couple sample searches for a client’s keywords, on the third letter of my second search term, Google gives me a “Google Instant Search isn’t available right now” pop-up near the top of the page. The whole point of the sample searches was to see what other searchers were seeing as they typed terms in – IN INSTANT SEARCH.

Frustrated, I refreshed the page – only to get the above error message “We’re sorry… but it appears your computer is sending automated requests.” I thought for a brief second my browser might have something to do with the Automated Request false alarm triggered… but I was using Google Chrome. You’d think the Chrome team and the Instant Search team would’ve collaborated a little bit on Instant Search so issues like this would be avoided… but you’d also think Google’s Docs team and Chat team would talk so chat could be used while editing a doc…

Anyways, a few minutes later and a new try yielded Instant Search results again. Luckily I had the to calm my rage. Between this, the Bing App for my iPhone, and Chrome crashing on me a few days ago in the middle of an important customer phone order, Google’s allure is fading quickly in my eyes. Plus Instant Search, in my opinion, is just annoying. But thats a different discussion altogether…

—— Update below from 10-2-2010 ——

I found a fix for the Sending Automated Request error I was getting. Wrote the “How To” in this post

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