Foursquare is Down – It’s an Epidemic

It all began when Twitter started showing the whale 50% of the time I’d hit their site, then Facebook goes down for several hours. Now Foursquare says they’re “upgrading our servers”. Good thing I have a life outside the web… somewhere around here… now where did I put that?

Foursquare Goes Down... err I mean they're upgrading servers...

My recommendation on what to do now that Foursquare is down – try Gowalla or even Google’s check-in app, SCVNGR – that way you check-in addicts can still tell the uncaring world where you are, AND as an added bonus you’ll probably end up enjoying these apps a billion times more than Foursquare. (In my opinion Foursquare is popular because Foursquare is popular – not because they’re the best check-in app)