Fix the Instant Search Error “We’re sorry… but it appears your computer is sending automated requests.”

If you’ve gotten this error since Google Instant launched:

“We’re sorry… but it appears your computer is sending automated requests.”

…you’re not alone. It seems, (thanks to Google Instant Search) that the increased searches per user per minute trigger a red flag in Google’s Automated Requests department.

Screenshot of Google Automated Request

The problem is, the Google Automated Requests (GAR) team and the Google Instant team work on opposite sides of the building and are on rival softball teams in the company’s intra-google softball league. Ok I made that last part up, but it definitely seems like there was some lack of communication going on at Goog headquarters – but just because it seems to be Google’s fault doesn’t mean it is (this time). Evidenced by the fact that Instant Search as a whole is working for most users.

So who’s fault is it? The answer is found in the following question… (mischievous laugh)

How do I fix whatever glitch or bug or setting is triggering the Instant Search Error “We’re sorry… but it appears your computer is sending automated requests” ?

Here’s how:

  1. Disable any extension you might have that auto-generates the next page of results (FastChrome, AutoPager, etc.)
  2. Clear your cache/cookies etc.
  3. Restart your Browser
  4. Search Again

I stopped seeing the Google Instant Search We’re Sorry error after I disabled my Google Chrome FastChrome extension. I’m pretty sure the “Endless Pages” feature that automatically loads the next page of results before you hit the bottom of the page, had something to do with the GAR team dropping their softball mitts to stop my searches. Since disabling FastChrome I have not seen that Automated Request error page again.

There are other extensions, whether Chrome, Firefox, etc that have an “endless page” feature that might be triggering your Automated Request error. If you’ve got some variation of that feature, disable it.

So who’s fault is the Automated Request error? Yours of course. Just like the speed of search is only limited by your ability to type… says Matt Cutts.

Comment below if you’ve got other fixes or if this one doesn’t work for you.

11 thoughts on “Fix the Instant Search Error “We’re sorry… but it appears your computer is sending automated requests.”

  1. Hmmm, the same google message got me last night on my iphone (Safari browser). No “extensions” to be disabled on iphone that I know of.

    When I did the clear cache/cookies/history in Safari & then wiped iphone memory clean & then turned phone off/on again, that didn’t make the goog page go away, so I finally broke down & told them I was “human” & the goog then let me carry on. :-/

    1. That’s weird – on your iPhone? Do you do a ton of fast searching on it? And is it jailbroken, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Happened on my iPhone too, just minutes ago. Was bored and typed in “moo” just to see what sort of results would populate. Perhaps their system figured no human would ever search for moo. Maybe I should try “oink” next time!

    1. That’s bizarre. I read somewhere that they’d eventually bring instant search to mobile devices. I wonder if these instances of the Automated Request Error on iPhones is part of Google testing Instant Search out in the background. Are you using Safari or a different browser on your iPhone when getting the error?

  3. Same here, but it just started happening. Now it’ll auto-redirect but sometimes it takes a couple of tries. Very frustrating! Not jailbroken and nothing to be disabled. Using Safari has become a b*tch. Wondering if it’s not a push to use the Google app?

    1. Kacey, if you’re on iOS, I’d recommend downloading & using the Google Chrome browser app or even Yahoo!’s Axis. Both are a little more flexible and might fix the issue. I haven’t used Safari in a long time.

  4. Just got this using my Android, no extensions, cleared cookies/cache/history power cycled and it came right back but this time saying blocked no option to put in the endless rounds characters to verify I am human, so taking it a bit more seriously downloaded avast for mobile ran updates and scanned twice nothing was found from the apps or SD card. Appears it is blocking just the public IP from my phone, when I connect Wi-Fi (different IP) I do not get the message.

    When I check the phone IP address when not connected to Wi-Fi and just the cell towers I have a private IP address so my thinking is that the cell carrier is using a proxy/NAT to route over the public so it isnt so much my device as much as the last user that had/shared the IP address the carrier is using.

    Motorola Atrix II – not rooted

  5. For a single computer its fine to clear cookies and clearing cache.
    But in a work-group of 35-40 Computers How can i solve this problem ??
    In this Group browse are using with page rank, Web rank, seo tool-bars, alexa traffic, moz-bar plugins and extensions are using they are unable to work with out thous toolbars.
    How can i Fix Google Search “We’re Sorry” Error Pages

    1. That’s a hard one. If you haven’t already update everyone’s DNS settings to OpenDNS or Google’s DNS servers. Also you might try setting the default in each browser to Bing so your team’s mundane searches aren’t using up Google’s quota before they start wondering if you’re doing something shady.

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