Palm’s Hopes of an iPhone Killer: Killed.

A moment of silence.

R.I.P. all of Palm’s dreams of stepping up their game in the Smart-Touch-Media-Web-App phone competition. Sources say that Verizon has officially passed on the new supposed iPhone Killer – the Palm Pre – much to the surprise of a large number of people. Various reasons have been theorized by TC’s Devin Coldewey including:

  • the fact that Verizon is in the process of opening its own app store, while Palm already has an app store;
  • or that sales have been severly lagging below expectations on the Pre;
  • or that a new flashier phone – the Motorola CLIQ – has stolen all of Verizon’s interest;
  • or (if dreams came true) that Verizon is waiting for the iPhone.

Whatever the case may be, I am still waiting on Verizon to combine their excellent network with an excellent phone.  I’ve gone back and forth over the last decade between Verizon for it’s call quality/consistency and other companies for their awesome phones and technologies. It’d be nice to settle down.

I know this much – the iPhone is calling my name – and if Verizon doesn’t offer me a reason to switch to their side soon, I might be re-signing my AT&T 2-year contract with a new iTrend… I mean iPhone.



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