Bing Theme Song Video: Hires Children and Looses Some Cool Points

I have to say, I have had a growing appreciation for Microsoft’s new “decision engine” – Bing, since it came out in May. Although the straight forward results it gives after aren’t quite as relevant or impressive, it’s search suggestions and filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

So here’s I draw the line on the Bing Evangelism: when Microsoft starts enslaving and indoctrinating small, impressionable children. See video below: [youtube=]

TechCrunch said that the kid’s parents were supposedly paid for the use of their children.  So I guess the public school system is the next open target for mass media and advertising.  I better get a call in to my local junior high school to see how much their children are going for so we can brain wash them into loyal customers.

The biggest problem I have with the video (besides the terrible song, and even worse hand motions) is that there was no creativity involved. I wasn’t inspired. I didn’t laugh. I didn’t even learn anything.

The video was totally useless. Maybe that’s why Microsoft put it together. They knew that sometimes, you can make something that is so far below everyone’s expectations of you that it will garner attention.  I guess it worked, because I’m writing about. Ah! Got me again.

Well, Google led the way into new search frontiers, Apple continues to lead the way in computing, and Microsoft leads the way into new forms of child exploitation.  They should get some kind of award. Poor Yahoo! – they had no idea what they were getting into when they decided to partner with Microsoft’s Decision Forcer… I mean Decision Engine.


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