It’s Snowing at WordPress?

I knew I had stayed in the office too late on a Friday night when I started seeing white dots drift slowly across my screen. As I watched I quickly realized that it wasn’t a symptom of failing vision, but rather a Christmas gift to the dashboard of So I just sat and stared for a minute, pretending to be somewhere with real snow. After a while I snapped out of it and grabbed this screenshot to try and share the joyful holiday experience with everyone…Picture of WordPress Snow

but it’s kind of hard to see the snow. Oh well – it’s the thought that counts right? I got a quick Reader’s Digest tutorial on webdesign this evening and it left me with the same question for everything I’m seeing on every site I’ve been on since: “How did they do that?” No exception here. I know a lot of Flash hip-hop is impressive looking, but hard to optimize – so I probably shouldn’t be as impressed as I am… but I am. Oh well – Merry Christmas everyone, and go log in to your main dashboard to check and see if it’s still snowing – that reminds me, I need to remember to turn of the air conditioning when I leave the office tonight.

Updated 2 minutes later – And then I saw the note at the top of my wordpress dashboard – “A Little Snow for the Holidays” – where you can get instructions to add snow even to your blog (like what should be falling on mine right now).

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