Droid “Doesn’t” See the Nexus One Coming

Invites have been passed out.

Anticipatory blogs have been written.

January 5th is the day.

Nexus One is the main act.

Google has announced an Android press release… which can mean only one thing.  The rumored Nexus One – the ultimate all Google Android Smartphone is coming, with details to be released. Some are critiquing such a quick release on Google’s part as a direct blast to the Droid it just spent advertising money on. Others see it as an important step towards total power and control over their phone much like Apple has over it’s iPhone.

Some are excited about this push for power from Google, and see it as a way to create order in a world where mobile carriers dominate decisions like contract length, data usage, phone choice, etc. I am still on the fence about it all. As Google is starting to offer everything from browsers to operating systems, from dns gateways to cell phones, I’m face with several questions:

  • where will their growth end?
  • if they continue to grow/diversify at a steady pace will they out-maneuver any legal attempts to stop their monopoly on technology and or information?
  • what will they do with all of this data and power once they reach the top of everything?

I guess we’ll see…


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