The Buzz About Buzz

So… if there weren’t enough accounts, apps, and widgets for me to update… now Google wants in, with Buzz.

What is Buzz? Buzz is a status updater built into Gmail that lets you share information from across your Google world. You can choose to share posts, updates, pictures, videos, and links from flickr, picasa, Google Reader, Blogger, twitter… the list goes on.

The nice thing about Buzz is that it’s built in to Gmail, which I already check everyday. So it’s not like another social media account to log-in to. But it just seems to duplicate Facebook’s status update functionality. Maybe I just haven’t played with it enough, and the time spent on it this morning actually revealed a very easy to use/understand tool.

So far the only thing I can’t figure out is when the Buzz link under Inbox in Gmail has a new count next to it [like this – Buzz (3)*] I don’t see a differentiation between new posts and old.

I feel like each post has 1,000 times the versatility as a Facebook status update – all your posts & comments are editable without going to your profile page, pictures show up bigger, large snippets from blog posts are included. It still feels a little clogged on the page, but I think thats just because I’m used to other social media formats.

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