The Old Sixty One .com Indie Music Site Reviewed

Pandora Radio LogoOk, so after reading my comment response to Sheila L.’s comment on my post about, I realized I kinda sounded mean, without truly understanding where the lovers of the old thesixtyone were coming from. So this afternoon I decided to turn on the

Even after using it for maybe 20 minutes – I see why a lot of people are upset at the change. It’s WAAAAAAY easier to understand as far as user interface goes. Everything is clearly labeled. The problem is, of course, even the band pages don’t display the same “awe-power” of all the photo’s and tags and twitter updates as on the new I didn’t really have time to dive into the social section, which is what a lot of the griping is about. I’ll have to post something else about that later. But in the meantime, either way, the music is still good, and I’ve only had the urge to return to Pandora once or twice since finding thesixtyone. Oh and PS… I’m already halfway through level 6! Woo hoo!


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